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Documenting the Benefits of ebXML Solutions. The ebXML suite of components has made significant strides in 2004 and is set to provide the most comprehensive and mature solution set yet for eBusiness solutions in 2005.

ebXML Interoperability demonstrated at XML2004. The recent OASIS XML 2004 Interoperability presentation showed how to combine commercial tools including Oracle database and application server, Cyclone Commerce ebMS, and ebXMLsoft Registry with open source Hermes, OMAR, TomCat, JBOSS and jCAM tools.

ebXML registry, messaging chosen for Linux development. The Sino Project is developing off-the-shelf Linux applications based on open-source software and open standards, including ebXML, with registry and messaging at the core of the undertaking.

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ebXML registry, messaging chosen for Linux development. The Sino Project is developing off-the-shelf Linux applications based on open-source software and open standards, including ebXML, with registry and messaging at the core of the undertaking. 18 September 2004

The electrifying invoice, another ebXML application. The basic yet pervasive invoice offers an early target for ebXML implementation, particularly in Europe that has promoted electronic invoicing across the continent Several initiatives are underway to make electronic invoicing with ebXML happen. 24 July 2004

ebXML registry specified for integrated health care framework. Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE), a health care consortium that aims to get relevant and accurate information for patient care into the hands of practitioners at the right time for making medical decisions, released its draft specifications for document sharing, and the core of the mechanism is the ebXML registry.

HL7 expands ebXML adoption in health care. Health Level 7 (HL7), an electronic health care industry standards consortium, released its new transport standards that include support for ebXML messaging, but other initiatives indicate greater use of ebXML in health care beyond message transport. 16 May 2004

ebXML gets behind the wheel for North American auto dealers. For many business transactions, ebXML provides the e-business infrastructure between growing numbers of auto manufacturers and dealers in the USA and Canada. 18 April 2004

European group to test global ebXML interoperability. In June 2004, a European standards group will hold a global interoperability event that plugs a gap in ebXML's testing scheme. 28 March 2004

UDEF provides a path to semantics integration, complements ebXML Core Components. By Ron Schuldt. While ebXML Core Components and various content standards organizations continue their efforts to address the complex syntax issues of message design and assembly, the Universal Data Element Framework (UDEF) offers a complementary approach for addressing basic semantics integration issues. 10 March 2004

Off-shoring and ebXML: a policy to save American IT jobs. For two decades this country has watched American companies send many manufacturing jobs overseas and that practice has begun hitting knowledge workers, especially in the information technology (IT) industry. One solution is to establish a national electronic business infrastructure, with ebXML at its core. 16 February 2004

ebXML powers Korean banking/insurance consortium. A Korean bank and 10 insurance companies use ebXML to build an electronic consortium that exploits deregulated financial services marketplace and provides better services to customers. 1 February 2004

BizDex: ebXML and Web services to go the last mile. The Australian government has combined with standards authorities and technology vendors to build a national e-business network for small companies. 10 January 2004

Preview of the OASIS standards registry. The recently announced OASIS standards registry offers a glimpse into the workings of e-business registries based on the ebXML specifications. 27 December 2003

ebXML demonstrated on epidemic alerts and responses. With the U.S. in the grip of a rapidly-spreading influenza outbreak, six technology vendors demonstrated how ebXML technology can help provide early-warning epidemic alerts and improve the response of health care providers to the emergency. 14 December 2003

Matching of ebXML business processes. Dennis Krukkert, working with the openXchange project and the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research, prepared a paper that outlines a methodology for matching business processes in ebXML. 24 November 2003

Standards for a Service Oriented Architecture. Jean-Jacques Dubray, editor of OASIS's ebXML Business Process Specification, gives his views on the structure of Web services and the role that ebXML can play. 9 November 2003

End the BPSS Confusion Now. ebXML Forum's editor says the ebXML community cannot tolerate confusion over the future of the Business Process Specification Schema. 25 October 2003

Why use ebXML Messaging? Let me count the ways. William Kammerer describes the business reasons for basing a new e-business messaging service for smaller companies on ebXML. 12 October 2003

Report recommends adoption of ebXML for European public administration networks. ebXML specs recommended for heavy-duty business functions, while Web services suggested for less structured applications. 28 September 2003

Two new ebXML applications unveiled in Hong Kong . During the first week of September 2003, CECID announced two applications in Hong Kong based on CECID's ebXML messaging technology. 7 September 2003

UDDI and ebXML Registries: Three-Tier Vision. Joseph Chiusano of Booz Allen Hamilton describes his three-tier vision of interoperability and interactions between UDDI and ebXML Registry. 24 August 2003

ebXML Gains Traction in Japan. A wide range of manufacturing and service industries are adopting or have endorsed ebXML. 9 August 2003

A Business-to-Business Framework for Energy Markets. Dick Brooks describes how the deregulated energy industry has begun to adopt ebXML, first in Texas and now worldwide. 22 July 2003

Core Web Services Today. David Webber relates ebXML to the overall Web services landscape. 8 July 2003

ebXML Registry Specifications Advance . Federation, HTTP, content management, XACML supported. 24 June 2003

The messaging is the message. A new white paper evaluates business messaging technologies. 13 June 2003

Fair Exchange? ebXML needs work to support the functions performed by electronic marketplaces. 3 June 2003

Report from XML Europe 2003. 24 May 2003

Developing Web Services with ebXML and SOAP. 18 May 2003

Getting Web services ready for business. 12 May 2003

UDDI and ebXML Registry: A Co-Existence Paradigm. 5 May 2003

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Posted: 18 September 2004

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