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2007: A Marquee Year for ebXML

Authored by David RR Webber

The adoption and use of ebXML has finished 2007 stronger and deeper with significant new product and project wins achieved.

The plans for 2008 already hold out expansion on what 2007 has accomplished and particularly in Asia an ambitious programme with several governments contributing to projects taking advantage of what ebXML V3 offers to implement lower cost extended cross-boundary communications solutions.

Europe too is seeing expanding use through adoption in EU funded projects. Meanwhile the US is broadening use more especially in the government healthcare sector. The adoption by HL7 of the new ebXML V3 messaging will be key in 2008 and especially when combined with SOA techniques and technology needs.

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Winter 2007

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Documenting the Benefits of ebXML Solutions. The ebXML suite of components has made significant strides and is set to provide the most comprehensive and mature solution set yet for eBusiness solutions.

ebXML showcased at OASIS forum. The recent OASIS XML forum presented a selection of projects using ebXML technologies.

Adoption of ebXML: Hiding in Plain Sight. Alan Kotok reviews the global industry and government adoption of ebXML and discovers some surprising and exciting developments...

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Documenting the Benefits of ebXML Solutions

The ebXML suite of components has made significant strides and is set to provide the most comprehensive and mature solution set yet for eBusiness solutions.

The challenge is to deploy business complete Knowledge Driven Collaboration (KDC), not just raw XML exchanges over a web serviced network.  KDC empowers partners and ensures trust and service at the highest levels.  Without KDC you merely have a fragile collection of XML moving parts that are prone to angle bracket induced technical failure.

Understanding the capabilities and the types of solution that are available with ebXML today is crucial for your organizations ability to garner the most benefit, and to formulate planning to leverage more of ebXML as your e-business communities grow. 

Maturing open source solutions also offer flexible components that can be deployed along with commercial products to provide a complimentary set of business functions.  Some examples include a collaborative marketplace for partners; emergency reporting networks; hazardous goods shipment reporting; e-healthcare service provider network, electricity supply distribution and so on.  Understanding the components that ebXML provides to facilitate these systems is key to being able to take maximum advantage of the specifications.

In order to provide insights into these deployment models there is now a handy reference white paper that introduces both the classic features of established ebXML deployments along with the latest features of ebXML today.

Written by a panel of e-business experts who have designed and built solutions for a range of major industries and government applications this white paper gives you an overview that you can use to jumpstart your own ebXML projects. 

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ebXML Five Year Celebrations!

To commemorate the first five years since the publishing of the original ebXML specifications we are providing a focus page and resources. We are providing links to critical analysis of ebXML, technology summaries, assessments and more. Have your say on what is succeeding with ebXML and what has failed to make an impact.

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ebXML registry, messaging chosen for Linux development. The Sino Project is developing off-the-shelf Linux applications based on open-source software and open standards, including ebXML, with registry and messaging at the core of the undertaking.

ebXML Forum's Software Resources and Products Guide. David Webber has compiled a comprehensive list of packaged software, tools and services, as well as open-source and government solutions powered by ebXML.

The electrifying invoice, another ebXML application. The basic yet pervasive invoice offers an early target for ebXML implementation, particularly in Europe that has promoted electronic invoicing across the continent Several initiatives are underway to make electronic invoicing with ebXML happen.

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Publisher: Colin Adam
David Webber and Alan Kotok
Updated: Winter 2007


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